AnnMarie Sciascia Photography

There are many ways for an Artist to tell a story.  Some Artists may write a song or a book or paint a canvas.  I tell love stories through my photographic images.  My goal is to capture the "spirit within"; the spirit of your love; the commitment of your family and friends; the details;  your style; your expressions; the sweetness of your interaction; the vulnerability and most importantly, those unexpected moments of magic.

AnnMarie Sciascia and her team of Professionals are always courteous, calm and unobtrusive.  As spiritually inspired artists we strive to capture your unique personalities and unexpected moments of magic, as we take a flexible approach in our artistic story telling style.  We capture your love story, vulnerability and commitment to be treasured for generations to come.  From the smallest of details to the grandest of gestures, we delight in your joy and understand the importance of this investment. 

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